Planning an office relocation? Consider these voice and data essentials

If you’re in charge of coordinating your office move, you probably have a lot on your mind when it comes to providing for your business’s voice and data requirements. Moving your company is a complex undertaking with many details to consider, but voice and data are among the most important needs you’ll have to plan for. The following aspects of voice and data, or phone system delivery should be on your office moving checklist.

1. Evaluate your bandwidth needs. If your new location does not have adequate bandwidth, you may find that your company’s growing telecommunication needs are not supported. It is essential to look into bandwidth availability at the same time as you are scoping out your new location, since failing to consider bandwidth may mean signing a long-term lease on an office space that holds your company back.

2. Plan to have your circuitry installed. Circuits bring voice and data to your office. Finding a service provider early on can save you money in the long run, since expediting service at the last minute can be more costly. Check out the available providers in your area and discuss the phone system circuitry needs of your new office space.

3. Plan and Design Data/Voice Cabling. This critical part of your office moving checklist is often overlooked, causing inconvenience when your new office fails to support your equipment and devices. In advance of your move, determine how many voice and data cabling drops you’ll need throughout the new office space for computers phone systems, and other office essentials. Making sure you are able to hook everything up on move day is important to determining the floor plan of your office space.

4. PBX vs. VoIP. Finally, an office relocation means reevaluating your business phone system needs. If your current phone system is old, you probably plan to install an updated one in your new office space. You might decide to go with a PBX phone system (Private Branch Exchange) or a VoIP phone system (Voice over Internet Protocol). A PBX phone system uses an internal switchboard, while VoIP phones can be used wherever there is an internet connection.

Planning an office space relocation means considering many aspects of voice and data phone system in your new office space. Our free office moving checklist will help you get started and will allow you to make the most of your phone system move.


This checklist tells you step-by-step what to consider for your office Voice and Data.



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