Finding a Top Moving Company

Physically, a business move is a huge step. All of your careful preparations are realized when you finally entrust your office, neatly packed into cardboard boxes, to the moving company. At this point, your business is in those movers’ hands. The last thing you want on your mind is the nagging question, “Did I make the right choice?”

By taking action before you move and making smarter decisions, you can ensure that you avoid any unwelcome surprises during your business move. The first step is to act early. 90 days prior to your move, contact multiple moving company vendors. This will allow enough time for you to gain the information you need to make an informed decision on which moving company to select.

When searching for the appropriate moving company, look for a moving company that has a reliable and well-trained staff. A key question to ask while making inquiries is, “Who will supervise the business move?” Not only will you know who oversees the move, but also you can perceive if the moving company staff will be held to a high standard during the move.

Also, check references of the possible moving company candidates. The best way to do this is to ask companies that are similar in size and function to your own what movers they have used and would recommend. Whatever mover you choose, that company needs to fit your moving needs, whether it’s a long distance move for a small company or moving a Fortune 500 company around the block and everything in between.

Aside from picking a top company, be sure to ask the moving company salesperson for their personal resume and business references. A poor salesperson who doesn’t know how to provide an accurate scope for the project could end up costing your business quite a bit of money for a poorly orchestrated move. An easy tip for picking a top sales rep: good reps tend to give a higher quote because they want to bring their company’s best resources to the table to complete your business relocation.

When learning about potential movers, you should ask the moving company candidates for a detailed explanation of their insurance coverage and claims procedure. You want to make sure that your office materials are protected and avoid additional business losses.


This checklist tells you step-by-step what to consider for your moving needs.



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Move Date

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Five easy steps to prepare for an office move

1. Be sure that the new office location is ready, meaning all contracting work is complete and necessary voice and data lines, carpet, and lighting have been installed. If you are moving to an upper floor of an office building, you will want to reserve elevator service to facilitate the transport of your office furniture and equipment.

2. Look into whether you need any special parking permits for moving vans, and obtain them in advance of your office move.

3. Have a scale drawing prepared for the new office layout so that your office movers know where every piece of office furniture and equipment should be placed.


4. You cannot start packing early enough! Label all of the boxes and office furniture, and make an inventory of every item packed so that the office movers will know where to place each box. Then, when it is time to unpack after your office move, not a single file will be left unaccounted for.

5. Assign someone to supervise the moving company on the day of the office move. This person should have the office layout drawing and understand where each box and piece of office furniture needs to go.

Let’s decades of experience work for you! You have probably realized that there is much more to relocating a business than packing up office furniture and important files. Make sure you haven’t missed a single step and check out our other checklists