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Office SpaceThe first step to finding the perfect office space is having the right representative. We have a database of thousands of brokers and tenant reps who know where the best deals are. Complete the quote form on the right to be connected with brokers and tenant reps in your area!

Most business move planners don’t allow enough time for this critical step: finding your new office space!

Finding the perfect commercial office space to fit the size and shape of your company is a process best started early. After all, you’ll need to address issues such as square footage, floor plans, and storage space long before you start packing up your desk toys for the move. Here, you’ll discover tips on finding and renting a new space, negotiating a commercial lease, and other key aspects of finding your ideal office site.

Commercial Zoning Laws: 5 Warnings

You’ve probably heard horror stories where a company signs a lease and moves into an office space in a new neighborhood, only to find they are violating local zoning laws. What could be worse for your business than finding out you can’t legally operate in a space you are contractually obligated to pay for? Never sign a commercial lease without taking these 5 warnings to heart.

1. It doesn’t matter what the last tenant did.

You may be prepared to move into a commercial space without properly looking into zoning ordinances simply because the space’s previous tenants ran a business that was similar to yours. It’s important to remember, however, that the last tenant could have been “grandfathered in,” meaning they were operating before a particular zoning law was passed. Or, ...

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Consider this before signing a commercial lease

Your company has decided to go in a different direction and is planning an office move. As project manager, you and your management team have been researching surrounding areas for commercial real estate in the best locations, where you know that your business has the potential to grow, and where you can create the perfect office space. With an ideal commercial real estate location or building design in mind, the company is ready to go ahead and secure a commercial lease, but before doing so, there are several crucial aspects of the commercial lease you need to consider in your office move plan:

What are the Office Space Needs of the Company?

First and foremost, it’s important to think about what the company will require at its new office space. Whether the office move will downsize...

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Commercial real estate advice from former SIOR president Randall Walker

by Randall Walker, Former President of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR)

1. Selecting the right broker will save you time and money when seeking a new location. Retaining a broker holding a recognized professional designation is a solid first step. Whether landlord or tenant, identifying and retaining a broker with the proper credentials is a tactical step to having the best representation possible. Consider how well you know this person, the company they work for, how long have they been in business, do you know anyone who has worked with them before, how many leases/ sales have they closed similar to your requirements. The broker’s key value to you is his intimate knowledge of the market place. A good broker can answer almost any question you have about the marketplace. Ask questions about pr...

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