Security for your office relocation


Security is essential for a successful office move. Learn about risk assessment and safeguarding equipment during and after your business relocation.

Keep your office move safe and secure

Hyper vigilance is imperative both during and after your office move. It’s up to you to implement a sound security plan, which may include card access, cameras, a locked IT storage room, and other precautionary measures. Worried that someone will sneak off with your Employee of the Year Award? We have the tips, articles, and guidelines you need to make sure your new office space is bandit-proof.


Integrating security and safety into your office relocation

by Rich Grassie, Member of the Security Design and Architecture Standing Committee American Society of Industrial Security

We live in a world that increasingly demands consideration of safety and security. Establishing safe and secure working environments is a vital concern for a growing number of business owners and managers. An office relocation invariably brings these security issues to the forefront of safety planning efforts. Most people are unaware that a security program can include many interrelated elements, which together can create a safe and secure office environment.

Security programs can include security guards to control parking and visitor processing, workplace safety and security policies, application of security technology such as interior alarms, card or keypad acce...

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Why an office move is the best time to update your security systems

 by Frank M. Carpency, PE, CPP Director, Design and Engineering, PSC, Inc.


Moving a business is a challenge, often fraught with costly mistakes, but moving is also an opportunity. It is a chance to take a step back from your business and see what can be improved upon, and more often than not, one’s security system is found lacking. Meeting the newly updated specifications of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is often a challenge, but again, it’s an opportunity to enhance the security of your business.

The 411 on ADA

Passage of the ADA in 1990 has created legal, business, and social awareness among building owners, architects, engineers, manufacturers...

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