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From paper clips to printers, you’ll need to stock up on office essentials after your business move. We’ll teach you how to select reliable vendors.

Don’t forget office products and equipment before, during, and after your office move

From transporting your copy center to picking up extra sticky notes for that first meeting in the new office, you’ll have a lot of details to keep in mind during your business relocation. We’re here to help you organize every aspect of product and equipment relocation so you have what you need to get the job done. Check out our equipment buying tips, our convenient checklists, and an abundance of helpful articles for organizing the finer points of your move.

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Buying office products - copiers, printers, and fax machines

When you switch cell phone companies, you look at shiny new phones and the plans they come with in order to make sure you have enough minutes, data, and texts. Some shoppers find they don’t use as much as they thought and get a new deal, but then there are the high volume consumers that need the biggest voice and data plan on the planet. Selecting office products like copiers and printers is much like cell phone shopping—you need to know what you use in order to make an educated office product purchase.


Each copier has a counter that tells you how many copies you are making; it even breaks it down per month. This is not to help you plan for a big paper order; it’s to make sure the copier isn’t working beyond capacity. Most copiers have a set number they should be...

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The savvy consumer’s guide to office product vendors

You rely on “Joe,” your handy office supply account manager from a vendor you trust, who knows what paper you use, your favorite pen, and more.  But a moving company or office relocation could mean that you and Joe with the Everybody’s Favorite Paper Co. vendor may need to spend some time apart.  Finding a new vendor for your office supplies and office products may seem simple—paper is paper, right? Like any relocating company, there are a few things you should always remember when choosing a vendor. 

Take inventory

The first thing you should do before even approaching an office supplies vendor is take an inventory on what is used on a daily basis. Don’t just write pens and paper.  There is a reason Staples has an entire wall of paper—there are ton of different types. Find out what you use and...

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An office relocation is a great time to go green

There’s no better opportunity than your upcoming office move to give your business a green makeover! But before you start groaning, realize this: you don’t have to spend more money, make big sacrifices, or start canvassing your neighborhood with petitions. A few simple tips can go a long way towards starting your new office off on the right (green!) foot.

1. Retire that outdated paper or Styrofoam cup. Your coffee will taste just as good when you use a colorful mug or bring your own thermos to work. Consider how much less waste will be produced i...

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