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Signing a traditional lease is not your only option for new office space. Short-term office rentals are gaining popularity, lending businesses more flexibility and cutting overhead operating costs.

Businesses need to keep up with an ever-changing economy and fluctuating real estate costs,

which is exactly what short-term rentals offer. Whether your company is breaking into a new market or just starting out, flexible office leases are ideal for situations in which projected growth is difficult to pin down. Is your business quickly outgrowing it's old space? Does your company need to accomodate a number of mobile workers? Are you a telecommuter that needs a professional space in which to meet clients? Then a short-term lease could be in your future. Find out with MoveMyBiz articles and checklists on renting executive suites, virtual offices, co-working stations, and more!


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Benefits of a short-term lease

Perhaps the biggest point emphasized on MoveMyBiz.com is that business relocation is a complicated process and requires a great deal of time to plan successfully. Negotiating a lease, initiating build-out in the new commercial space, creating a modern and cost-effective design—each step requires a large amount of time, planning, and money because so many teams and experts must be involved to do the job right. It can be fairly overwhelming at times, which is why more and more businesses are beginning to take a different route. Instead of committing to a long-term lease, businesses are opting for short-term rents of pre-furbished spaces.

Here’s how it works: there are a number of companies that own large networks of commercial property and rent workspaces on a monthly, even daily basis. There is no long-term lease, merely a pay-as-you go system, tailored to your particular business...

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Meet the industry leader: Regus

Regus is an international company that owns over 1,200 business centers in 550 cities around the world. They are a leader in the executive suite industry, and they have their fingers on the pulse of the rapidly changing business world. Today businessmen and women travel throughout the world, telecommute from home, and check in at a variety of offices, all the while reacting to the daily changes in their market or the global economy. To be in business is to be flexible, but as Regus found in 1989 most office spaces are the exact opposite of flexible, tethering companies to multi-year commercial leases and expensive maintenance. If the modern business person can work in multiple ways, than office spaces need to be just as multi-functional. That was Regus’s goal in 1989 when it was founded, to create the most flexible commercial spaces in order to support their clients, and it continues to be their goal today.


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