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Find the best business movers for a hassle-free office relocation

If your office is your asset, every broken desk chair or pilfered plant spells disaster for your bottom line. If you’re relocating, you want a moving team that will knowledgeably and safely transport your valuable furniture, equipment, and office goldfish, Cleo*. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the moving company that will help take your business to the next level, but we can help you do your homework to locate the ideal crew, organize your move, and plan a moving timeline for the big day.

*It is not recommended that you transport pets via an office moving company.

Five easy steps to prepare for an office move

Congratulations! You have reached the last leg of your office move! Your main concern now is preparing for Moving Day, which involves more components than you might realize. At this point, communication is key. Everyone, from your employees to the office movers, needs to understand what his or her role is on Moving Day to ensure its success. These are the major tasks you must cover and assign to your staff. With this comprehensive checklist, you can tell your boss with confidence that the move went off without a hitch!

1. Be sure that the new office location is ready, meaning all contracting work is complete and necessary voice and data lines, carpet, and lighting have been installed. If you are moving to an upper floor of an office building, you will want to reserve elevator service to facilitate the transport of your office furniture and equipment.

2. Look into whether you need any specia...

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The business move: pitfalls to avoid

The Non-Functioning Office – Check your new location before you move in to ensure that contractors have completed any work that needs to be done, elevators are serviceable, electric is running, etc. If a single wire is out of place, there could be serious delays for your move-in date which will cost your business huge expenses.

The Accident-Prone Movers – Make sure you know who is moving your business. Does the moving company properly train their employees? Did you give yourself enough time to find the right match? 90 days prior to your move you should begin contacting moving companies to discover who is right for the job. Helpful tip: just because the mover gives the lowest quote does not mean they are the best choice for the job. A low quote means less resources to do the job right, and could lead to delays and extra expenses.

The Last-Minute Pack – Unable to find that crucial form among...

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Find the a top moving company

Physically, a business move is a huge step. All of your careful preparations are realized when you finally entrust your office, neatly packed into cardboard boxes, to the moving company. At this point, your business is in those movers’ hands. The last thing you want on your mind is the nagging question, “Did I make the right choice?”

By taking action before you move and making smarter decisions, you can ensure that you avoid any unwelcome surprises during your business move. The first step is to act early. 90 days prior to your move, contact multiple moving company vendors. This will allow enough time for you to gain the information you need to make an informed decision on which moving company to select.

When searching for the appropriate moving company, look for a moving company that has a reliable and well-trained staff. A key question to ask while making inquiries is, “Who will supervis...

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Ten Easy Steps for Moving Your Business 
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