Build-out and construction

The build-out is one of the most complicated and costly aspects of your business relocation.

But with our expertise, you can make your build-out easy and affordable!

Build-out involves negotiating the Tenant Improvement allowance with your landlord, selecting contractors, overseeing construction progress, receiving Occupancy Permits, and more. All of your hard work and preparation comes together in the build-out so it's crucial that you understand all the steps involved and avoid any oversights that could cost your business. With MoveMyBiz articles and tips your build-out and construction is sure to be a success!


Should you or the landlord manage the Tenant Improvement?

The Tenant Improvement (TI) is any construction or renovations done on the commercial space prior to move-in. The name is synonymous with “build-out,” and the two terms can be used interchangeably. One of the most crucial TI decisions you must make is whether you want a “turn-key” approach or a tenant-controlled TI allowance. In the first method, the landlord creates a ready-to-occupy space using the allowance agreed upon, with the tenant having little involvement accept to pick up the keys. The second approach is to put allowance spending control into the hands of the tenant who hires all of the contractors and service providers needed for build-out.

Of course like any major decision, there are benefits and drawbacks to both management...

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Step-by-step build-out and construction guide

The build-out includes all the construction done to the space prior to move-in. Often it involves tearing down and building new walls, installing additional wires and cabling, and adding light fixtures and flooring. The details of the build-out should be planned when negotiating with your landlord for the Tenant Improvement allowance. One small oversight in this planning stage or any step following could throw a major wrench into your move-in plans. For example, will your landlord select the contractors used during construction? If so, have you checked their references to ensure that they are reputable contractors, or should you insist on bringing in your own people? How do you know the time allotted for construction is realistic? Should you take your landlord’s word on this? Until you understand the various steps of and people involved in the build-out, it’s diffic...

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