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Moving IT can be stressful. Check out our free checklists for selecting IT vendors, securing your system, and avoiding any and all IT problems!

Keep your IT relocation from ending in disaster!

The riskiest part of any office relocation is moving IT. Even if you transport your valuable equipment on a mattress in a Mercedes, accidents can happen that may cause devastating setbacks for your business. In fact, companies that experience massive data loss often never recover from the blow. It’s up to you to safeguard your IT transfer to ensure that your critical servers make the journey safely and securely. We have the handy checklist and essential information you need to plan for your critical move and keep your computers crisis-free.

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Finding professional IT movers: Five tips for a smooth move

Twenty years ago, you could walk into an office and not see one piece of the IT equipment we rely on today. They had these things called typewriters—remember them? Today’s industry relies heavily on high-end technology keeping us connected and working as efficiently as possible. Servers, computers, and printers are a vital part of your company’s daily work routine. Even small businesses should consider finding an IT Relocation Specialist to assist in the moving and setting up of your IT network in the new location. These professionals are trained to effectively get your business back online. Before handing over something that is valuable to your company, you need to find a vendor that best suits your IT needs.

1. Most companies have an IT person onsite or a contractor who works with their IT systems on a regular basis. It is key to have this person on-hand during the IT relocation process. Th...

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Moving IT systems? The risks most businesses don’t think about

If you’re like most companies, your IT system is so critical to your business that data loss would be devastating. During an office relocation, you must take serious steps to ensure the smooth transition of your IT systems from your old site to your new office space. This article outlines the six most overlooked considerations that can lead to an IT disaster during your move.

Plan for IT growth.

If you are moving because your company is growing, your IT equipment may need to grow too. Complete a full software and hardware evaluation of your computer systems. How old are the PCs you will be moving? Many companies opt to install new PCs and a new network server at the move site. The advantage of this strategy is that the IT system can be installed and tested weeks before the move. Otherwise, you are face...

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What is the cloud?

What is the Cloud? 
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Why is safe IT relocation so important?

Why is Safe IT Relocation Important? 
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