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Data loss can cost your business millions. Make sure you have the best team managing your network during the office relocation and avoid an IT disaster!

Your office IT networks keep everyone in the loop.

To make a smooth transition from your old office to your brand new space, you’ll need to make sure your networks are in place long before you start unpacking your PCs. We know what you need to get your new office hooked up, and we’re here to help with useful IT checklists, informative articles, and tips to ensure you’re ready for business.

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Relocating IT during your office move

Planning to revamp your IT system for your new business location? Not sure when to start your search or what comes next? Utilize our expert timeline to see the big picture and guide your company away from an IT disaster.

120 Days: The first and most important step, as your business moves toward a more successful future, is to decide what your company’s IT needs are. What do employees currently use in terms of computer technology and data, and what will those employees need in the future? How will growth in your business cause those needs to change? One of the biggest relocation mistakes is to assume that your IT Network won't change in the new location. Consider how much technology has improved over the past five years. If you haven't updated your network in a while, an office move is the perfect time to reassess your IT and get a few upgr...

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Will your IT data backup restore after your office relocation? 75% won’t.

Moving your IT equipment during a business relocation can be a mission fraught with peril. After all, businesses that experience massive data loss in today’s age of information may never recover from this IT catastrophe. By knowing how to prepare for the IT relocation process, you can minimize risk for your company and ensure that your valuable data survives the move.

Moving IT equipment can lead to the loss or damage of your business computers, which means that data backup is imperative when planning an IT relocation. Unfortunately, research shows that up to 75% of backups fail to perform IT system recovery. It is essential for your IT professional to perform a test recovery prior to your office move to ensure that your backup is functioning. Simply relying on an untested IT backup may lead to an unpleasant surprise when you arrive at your n...

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Buying new computers is cheaper than you think

With all the other expenses that come with business relocation, updating your office computers may not sit very high on your to-do list, but technology upgrades are cheaper than ever and could very well prevent disaster when your business sets up a new IT network. Plus, the simple fact remains that technology is improving much faster than the average lease expiration, meaning your current models may already be out-of-date.

So why is it so cost-efficient to buy a new set of computers? One reason is the Cloud. Now with cloud technology, businesses don’t have to invest in expensive computers with high data storage. The cloud can host all of the software and data a computer needs to run, meaning office computers only need basic functionality and access to a cloud database to meet the needs of their users. With cloud storage costing as little as $ ...

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Moving IT can be painful

Moving IT can be Painful! 
Everything you need to know to prevent IT disaster!


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Guide to a safe and secure
network move

Guide to a Safe and Secure Network Move 
Learn how to implement a successful network relocation.


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IT relocation checklist

IT relocation checklist 
  • Find an IT professional
  • Do a test backup
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