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Moving your business can be a nightmare - you've got to juggle scheduling, vendors, and still keep up with your regular job. is a free resource designed to help you plan and execute office moves! 

Keep your move on track with out free step-by-step office relocation checklist.

Our free office move budget guide can help you plan a relocation that won't break the bank.

Save time and money on your move with our one-stop shopping for vendor quotes.

IT Relocation is the riskiest part of your move. Our free checklist can help.

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Save time finding the best professionals

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I wish they had MoveMyBiz when we were moving. That would have been phenomenal...Hopefully businesses aren't moving every two years like we were. For their first or second move, they have a resource where they can learn from someone else's mistakes and make their office move much more different. is a very beneficial website, especially for first-time clients... They don't know anything about the office move, they need help, and is a great asset to them.

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If you're a business owner, office move project manager, or anyone who needs to move an office, this site is for you! With any office move comes the opportunity to make positive changes to your developing business, but there's also room for costly setbacks.

Get free quotes from reputable vendors right here.

  • Office Movers
  • Voice and Data
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  • Carpet and Lighting
  • Office Furniture
  • And more!

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Your office relocation is more than just moving from point A to point B. To ensure that your office move is an opportunity for positive change instead of a painful ordeal, we recommend starting with quotes from reputable vendors in your area.

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The typical business engages 15-20 services to complete a move - but researching and contacting so many vendors is time consuming. 


Instead of wasting hours Googling movers, office furniture, IT, we've gathered information about all parts of a business move in one convenient place. 


Save time and avoid the hassle by letting us do the work for you. Take two minutes to fill out this form and select the services you need to get your free quotes.


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