Choosing New Office Furniture

Office furniture transforms your new space and welcomes workers

It’s no longer all about the cubicle. The office furnishings you select will define the distinctive look and feel of your business. Moveable walls or glass partitions add style and flexibility, while new ergonomic options provide comfortable solutions for your employees. Whether you are a DIY-er or you plan to consult an interior design team, you can find environmentally-friendly, affordable furniture solutions for any office. Our tips, guidelines, and handy office furniture checklist will help you get the wheels turning (on your new desk chair, that is.)

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Buy or rent: knowing your office furniture options

Out with the old and in with the new is your office’s mantra. The harvest gold vinyl office chairs have served your reception area well, but now it’s time to modernize. Curb your old office furniture and hop online to find the new look of your lobby, personal office, or staff floor. Your company may be well over due for an office makeover.

There are two big options when it comes to purchasing new office furniture: rent or buy.  

The majority of companies lease or rent major office machinery like copiers or printers, but they can also do the same with office furniture.  Just because it is rented doesn’t mean it’s used or out of date. You can find high-end and highly trendy furniture to fit the budget for your office makeover.  Businesses look at renting furniture...

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Choosing the perfect office furniture: Five steps to take before your business relocation

Whether you’re utilizing new office furniture to create a modernized image for your office space or upping your sustainability by furnishing your building with recycled desks and office chairs, there are some key concerns you will want to address before taking the plunge on a new and updated image. The following tips will ensure that your office facelift does not turn into major surgery.

1. Check new building for critical measurements. Before ordering the office furniture (desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, etc.) of your choice, make sure to measure the office space within your new location, and waste not on oversized, impractical office furniture.

2. Make sure you have received all order acknow...

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Ergonomics in the modern office space

Productivity in any office space has a lot to do with employee comfort and wellness. For employees spending long hours hunched at a computer desk, back and joint health may be compromised, or repetitive motions can lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Uncomfortable office chairs will make days go by painfully longer, literally. An office relocation presents a great opportunity to reevaluate the office chairs or computer desks your employees are working with so you can give them the latest in comfort, support, and mobility

1. Find comfortable chairs for your office space. For any computer desk worker, it’s the office chairs that make the difference between a good day and a painful one. The mark of a great chair is adjustability. Employees should be able to customize their...

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