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Designing a new office involves a lot more than choosing office furniture and lighting. It’s about creating a space that appeals to both employees and clients and saves your business on overhead expenses.

Office design options let you customize your new space!

Interior design may not be your top concern during your office relocation, but you can be certain your employees will notice if the carpet clashes with the curtains. Stylish accents can turn an ordinary space into a place where people love to work! Choose fun carpet, inspired lighting, or an accent wall to showcase the CEO’s "Self-portrait in Blue". An office interior designer, as well as our helpful articles and tips, can help you make the right design decisions.

How to design an office

So you’re relocating your business and you find yourself faced with the challenge of designing a brand new office space. While it may seem like an overwhelming task, designing an office can be an exciting opportunity to change the look and feel of a workspace, maximize the new floor plan, and update your decor. This step-by-step guide will help you to coordinate your design needs and create an office that your company can be proud of.

1. Determine your office space needs. Is your company large, small, or in between? Will you be needing conference rooms, drafting tables, multiple copy stations, or a kitchen in the break room? Think beyond the material as well. How will your company be changing as it moves to a new office space? Have you discovered that a hotelling system will cut oper...

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Functional office design: panels can create open space

Relocating a business can be disruptive at best. One good way to ease the transition is to design a workspace that encourages productivity while making your employees feel needed, valued, and comfortably at home in their new surroundings. It’s time to think inside the box, or more like the cubicle.

If your thinking runs toward open-space office floorplans, no other staple of the American workplace has more versatility than the panel system. While the cubicle is often mocked by office-based comedies, they create offices, desk, and work space. Panels can help design individual workspaces while still giving the office a sense of community. Work with a space planner to create a panel design that works for your team. On...

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Office design tips to revamp a space with color

The lease is signed, and you have begun the long and arduous process of moving your office from point A to point B, but it is much more than that. Every office relocation is a new beginning (even if you are downsizing). This move is an open canvas, and you can paint it however you want. Color is very important to designing a stimulating and creative environment for your employees. Consider using a splash of color throughout your office. For example, reds and violets are stimulating and energetic, while softer pastel yellows or blues are ideal for designing a calm and relaxed work environment. If you are unsure, burnt orange is still a stimulating hue, but also has a warm, comforting connotation. Sage green is calm, but an interesting and noticeable shade. Once you have a color in mind, ...

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Design a fun office floor plan

Before even signing the lease of your new office space, a meeting with a space planner should take place. This is when the design of the new office will be laid out, including the floor plan. Offices have become more than just square cubicles with desks, a basic lamp, drab colors, a computer, and a telephone. When you step into a well-designed office now, you can clearly see that they have evolved into efficient yet comfortable work spaces with top of the line equipment, plush chairs, inviting décor, and plenty of space for mobility. However, these modernized office spaces all start from one basic foundation: the floor plan.

Floor plans effect time and space

The floor plan is one of the most crucial parts of the move because it dictates exactly how the business will operate in the ne...

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