Lighting makes a huge difference on not only the appearance of a space but also on employee productivity. The wrong lighting can cause eye strain and turn off prospective clients.

New lighting techniques make business more attractive and healthier than ever

Lighting choices are becoming more environmentally-friendly, and are improving the way businesses look and function. Find out how you can best brighten up your new office space by checking out our latest articles, office relocation checklists, and clear timelines.

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Brighten up your office design with the right commercial lighting

Whether you are deciding on a new office space or renovating a commercial building to fit an updated office design, commercial lighting is an important consideration as you move forward. Commercial lighting not only illuminates tasks, but it affects where clients and employees focus their attention. Without the appropriate commercial lighting in the office design, you will find that your employees’ attention is drawn to their own discomfort rather than the nuts and bolts of your business.

Commercial lighting has huge effects on employee well-being. When commercial lighting is poor—overly bright, flickering, or humming—it can lead to headaches, nausea, double vision, and even vision fatigue. These design ailments seriously impede on employee wellness and...

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Green lighting solutions cut overhead expenses

When buying commercial real estate, move coordinators tend to accept the lighting already installed in the built space, likely because they are overwhelmed by every other detail of the complex business relocation. Still, the main purpose of relocating is to establish a more efficient, productive, and satisfying environment that both employees and clients will appreciate. The bottom line is, as a move coordinator, you want to cut the overhead operating expense of your business through moving to this new space. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is by reassessing your commercial lighting.

Before your business relocates into the new office space, have the space assessed by a green lighting professional. There are a number of co...

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