Ordering Custom Cabinetry

Inspire your best work with unique custom cabinetry!

An office relocation or renovation gives you the chance to customize your space to meet your business’s evolving needs. One way to make a new office your own is to order custom cabinetry that provides both functionality and beauty. Investing in custom file cabinets, drawers, kitchen cabinetry, and more ensures that you have exactly what you need, crafted to fit your brand new space. You can select from a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to enhance your office décor and turn an ordinary space into a showpiece. Best of all, you can have custom-designed cabinets made to fit those tricky corners so you can make the most of an oddly-shaped office.

How to select a custom cabinetry vendor

Custom cabinetry can turn an ordinary office into a stylish, dramatic, sleek, or homey space—depending on your company’s design goals. For many business owners, an office relocation is a great opportunity to personalize a new space by investing in custom cabinetry. Of course, not all custom cabinetry contractors are created equally. We have five tips for choosing a reputable vendor.

1. Look for the right kind of references. Ideally, seek references from projects similar in size and scope to your company’s needs. It’s also a good idea to check out references that are five or more years old, so you can see how the custom cabinetry has held up over time.  

2. Ask about the materials. What kind of wood is being used to construct your cabinetry, and how is it processed to ensure l...

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