The wrong carpeting or flooring can kill productivity, promote the wrong image, and even harm your employees’ health. Learn how to make the smartest design choices for your business!

Flooring and Carpeting can give employees and the office space a huge lift

Watch what’s underfoot! These elements can make or break a space, so why not focus your attention on choices that will make your new office pop while also reducing foot fatigue and falls? Your employees will be glad you chose both attractive and safe flooring to keep them feeling their best. We have all the info, articles, and checklists you need to get started.


Comfort underfoot for higher workplace productivity

Relocating your business usually means selecting carpet for your new office. Carpet can add an element of style to your office design, but more importantly, it may help increase employee wellness and productivity for your company! Carpet’s inherent benefits of slip resistance, sound reduction, and comfort are factors that can provide comfort and safety solutions for any new office space.

Why Design with Carpet?

Slip factors and reduction of the risk of injury in falls are major considerations for employers and building owners in their office designs, as well as insurance carriers who deal with workers’ compensation, public liability, and health care policies. Carpet is an excellent floorcovering choice for reducing falls and cushioning those t...

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Know your commercial flooring options

Many businesses opt out of traditional carpeting when designing a new commercial space. Hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring are great options for drawing clients into a space, such as a showroom or trendy work area. If aesthetics and creativity are important to your business’s image, you may want to consider setting yourself apart from the average office space by investing in a flooring option. There are many types of commercial flooring, suited for different purposes and budgets. We’ll take you through the basics of each style to simplify your design choices and help you move on to the next stage of your business relocation.

Laminate Flooring

Commercial laminate flooring is a great option for businesses that aren’t willing to pay for the high cost and maintenance of hardwood...

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