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If you think ordering business signs is the easiest part of relocating your office, you’re probably saying, “Sign me up!” There’s more to this step than you considered, though. We’ll walk you through choosing a vendor, navigating your signage choices, and more.



Business Signs Tips and Considerations

Business signage for your new office is a critical detail that may be overlooked in the shuffle of your company relocation. It’s important to discuss your corporate signage needs at least 3 months prior to moving to your new location. has compiled some key considerations for ordering your business sign:

What is the purpose of each business sign?

While some signs serve as directional aids, others advertise your company or put forth your branding image. You’ll likely have outdoor signs that introduce your company, while interior signage may provide information such as suite numbers or an employee directory.

Are there any rules governing the size, placement, etc. of your business sign?

Be sure to find out if your company signs must...

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Choosing a Business Sign Vendor

Selecting a business sign vendor is a critical part of the office relocation process, but it is often a task that office move managers leave until the last minute. After all, a sign seems like the finishing touch on your company’s new office space, not something that must be planned for months in advance. Since some companies have complex business signage needs, however, it is advised that office move managers start interviewing sign vendors a couple of months before the move. This way, the business sign vendor has a chance to advise you on your custom signage needs. You’ll end up getting better pricing and having more options for unique custom signage that promotes your company.

There are plenty of sign vendors out there, but finding a company that specializes in high-quality corp...

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