You’d be surprised to find that an office move is the best time to give your brand a facelift. Read our in-depth articles and timelines to find out how!

Use your office move to reevaluate your business’s identity:

Just like your favorite office vending machine snack, every business should be a recognizable brand. Your office move means reprinting your business forms and mail pieces to include your new address, so why not take the opportunity to revamp your logo, slogan, and other aspects of your corporate character? Chances are, your business has evolved a lot since your last move. We have the advice, resources, and easy-to-follow guidelines you need to update your identity. 

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Choosing a vendor for your business forms

Surprisingly, rebranding is something a company doesn’t typically consider before an office move, but it may be just what they need to give a jumpstart their business after moving. After years of using the same business forms, letterheads, designs and logo, an office move is the best time to remodel not only your business branding, but also the company as a whole to attract prospective clients and partnerships. Rebranding must be done correctly in order for your company to get noticed and succeed; this is why it’s important to take a few things into consideration when selecting someone to do the job.

Finding the right printing company

Before your office move, make sure you do your research. Finding a printing company is as simple as doing a quick internet search, but finding the right company to print your business forms takes a little time. Look for someone who...

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Rebranding after an office move: Five marketing tips

An office relocation is an execellent opportunity to reassess your branding materials.  All business forms and marketing materials will have to be reprinted anyway because of the change of contact information, so before you send it off to the printer, take a look at the design and the logo—does this look reflect the company you were or the company you are going to be?

Several months before move day, evaluate your business forms, mailers, and other printed materials. Make a list of everything you need to have printed or reprinted. Letterheads and business cards are generally a must-have, but don't forget "We're Moving" postcards and even giveaways or custom apparel.

1. When making any branding decision, bring in a few  team members from different departments to get various perspectives. Does everyone agree that a new logo is in order? Brainstorm some ideas...

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An office move is a chance
to update your identity

An Office Move is a Chance to Update Your Identity 
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