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Moving your office? Learn more about office furniture.

Selecting office furniture

Office furniture is an integral part of every office moving plan. As the office moving coordinator, you are in charge of furnishing the place your employees spend 40 hours a week and 50+ weeks a year. This is a big decision, and a major part of both office space design and a comprehensive office moving plan.

Which came first, office space design or shopping for office furniture?

Office furniture is a critical part of office space design, so be thinking about this along with wall color, carpeting, lighting, etc. Our office moving timelines and resources can help you keep your office moving plan on track.

  • Are you going to use traditional cubicles in your office space design?
  • Are you considering buying recycled or repurposed office furniture?
  • Does your office space design allow for big desks or do you need to invest in vertical storage?
  • What is your office moving budget for conference room technology?
  • How much time do you have to return your office furniture if it is damaged?

Our office moving timelines offer guidelines as to when carpeting and lighting should be installed, as well as when you should plan to have your office furniture delivered. Office moving plans are very detailed, and the steps to office moving need to work together. You can’t just order desks and then cross it off your office moving plan. You need to schedule delivery after the carpeting is installed.

What office furniture do I need?

Furnishing a new office entails desks, chairs, lighting, conference tables, cubicles, etc. Make a list of everything you need to buy new or have refurbished and transported. The free tools and resources on can help you keep your office furniture orders on track and on budget. Office moving plans need to work with other aspects of the office moving process so that everything comes together on office moving day. We can help. Download your free office moving plan to get started.


Office furniture timeline

Timeline for Choosing Office Furniture 
Steps for furnishing your new office space


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