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Moving your office? Learn more about office design.

Office space design is the fun part, right?

When designing the perfect office you need a few things like good taste, an excellent space planner, and a office move timeline. Office space design is not just about putting up a few paintings and picking out nice furniture for the lobby. Office space design is about maximizing the potential of your space depending on the needs of your company. You should have a working knowledge of all the elements of office space design in order to manage the design and installation process. Carpeting, lighting, paint, furniture, and more need to be selected and installed on schedule.

Have you thought about…

  • Using tile carpeting, so if an area is ruined, you only have to replace one square?
  • Using natural light to create a better work environment?
  • Using vertical storage space to cut down on cubicle size?
  • Using collaborative space for a more interactive workplace?


These are just a few of the tips and suggestions you’ll find in our free office moving resources. The most important part of designing an office space is having goals and inspiration.

What does office space design mean for your company?

By implementing your company’s branding into your office space design, you really make an impact on employees and clients. When you are designing the perfect office, you should think about what the space says about your company. Office space design can include implementing colors from your logo into the walls or furniture.

Effective office design can also change the way people work together. For example, open workspaces may encourage collaboration, foster chance encounters, and spur creativity. A space planner or interior designer can help you make the most of your office design.

For more information about how office design concepts fit into your larger office relocation plan, download one of our free office relocation checklists or resources ranging from office space design tips to a complete office move timeline.



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