Q. What is Movemybiz.com, and how can you guys help me plan my move?

A. Movemybiz.com is a resource for relocating companies. If you’re planning to move your business, you should definitely save this site to your favorites and come back frequently. We have a lot to offer, including free checklists and frequently-updated articles on every office relocation topic imaginable. (Did you know there are over 240 steps in the average office move?!) By the way, you’re the best candidate for utilizing our helpful information resources if you are getting started early in the moving process. We’re long-term planners, and we like to encourage business owners and managers to start researching their office move options way in advance.

Q. I requested a free checklist or e-resource, but I never got it.

A. Usually, you’ll receive your free checklist or e-resource in your email within seconds or minutes. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer though, so please be patient. If you haven’t received your download after an hour or so, check your spam filter just in case. Then, Contact Us. We’ll make sure you get the information you requested.

Q. I need a crew to come out and move my office next week. Can you help?

A. We wish we could. But we aren’t a moving company. We wish you the best of luck on your move.

Q. My company provides products or services for relocating businesses. Can I be featured on your site as a qualified vendor?

A. Check out our Become a Qualified Vendor page to learn more about opportunities for businesses like yours. If you are interested in being interviewed as an office relocation expert, email me at shannon@movemybiz.com.  

Q. I’m interested in having my office relocation project featured on the Movemybiz.com blog.

A. Great! We enjoy blogging about office relocation projects big and small. We’re particularly interested if you have a unique goal behind your office relocation, like increasing workspace efficiency, going green, or getting creative with architecture and design. Email me at shannon@movemybiz.com with more info about your upcoming move.