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Finding commercial real estate is a more complicated and frustrating process than most business owners realize. We're here to help. Download your free checklist by filling out the form to the right. (Did we mention that it's completely free?) We're committed to giving you the advice you need to plan your office move the smart way.

What are the most overlooked aspects of leasing commercial real estate?

  • 1. Getting started early - at least 1 year before your move date
  • 2. Finding a commercial real estate professional with local knowledge
  • 3. A smaller space + smart space planning = huge savings!

 Finding commercial real estate is a more complicated and frustrating process than most business owners realize. Landlords understand the real estate market in and out, and they know how to get the most money out of their property not only through lease expenses, but also through hidden fees in the lease agreement. Because you can easily spend $300,000 a year on your commercial lease, one small oversight will cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. A major oversight will bankrupt your entire company.

So how can you protect yourself from costly oversights and mistakes?

  • 1. Hire a tenant representative as your advocate.
  • 2. Do your homework on local laws, tenant rights, and other need-to-know aspects of commercial real estate.
  • 3. Download our free commercial real estate guide. Our guide will walk you through each step of the commercial real estate process. Just fill out the form to the right!


How important is timing in commercial real estate?

Timing is everything when looking for a new office space. Once you find a property and finalize your commercial lease agreement, you need to act quickly. Some business owners postpone signing the contract, and as a result delay requisition of building permits, construction, wires and cabling, etc. The later you sign, the fewer options you will have in terms of design and vendor selection. The biggest mistake you can make in commercial real estate is starting too late. Luckily, our free office space checklist provides a clear timeline to keep every phase of your move on schedule.

Can I negotiate a commercial lease on my own?

As much as you may know about commercial real estate, building codes, or commercial real estate law, it is not a good idea to negotiate a commercial lease on your own. You need to hire a team of experts to advise you on both the office space selection and the lease negotiation.

Your commercial real estate team should include:

-       Commercial Tenant Rep Broker: This broker will be very familiar with the building codes and real estate costs of the region you are interested in and will work to find you the best deal on your commercial lease.

-       Commercial Real Estate Lawyer: Along with the tenant rep, your commercial real estate lawyer will help you negotiate your commercial lease and navigate the state and county codes that affect your building.

-       Architect: Your architect(s) should be an expert space planner and be able to advise you on whether or not a given office space will fit your business’s needs. They will consider future growth, workspace efficiency, reduced overhead costs, and branding.

Our helpful checklists cover everything, so you don’t have to worry about overlooking a critical aspect of your office move. Download your free commercial real estate checklist to your right.


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